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vendredi 19 avril 2013

As to be clear

You said you speak a better English than I do. Maybe. 
But I do speak English for different reasons and in different situations than you. English is my second ''emotional living'' language : I slept in English, I ate in English, I cried in English, I found in love in English, I made love in English, I worked in English and much more...
I lived two years in the Anglo-Saxon islands so I can say it's quite an important part of my life.
I'm not pretending to speak better than anybody. While I learnt this language I was crowing up and deciding what adult I wanted to become. I am emotionally attached to the fact that I can express everything or nearly in English and I hardly accept the criticism about my way of speaking. I don't understand this competition that could exist between my English and yours. They don't serve the same purpose so forget about me. 
You'll be a doll. 

 Hasting, UK - July 2012

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