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dimanche 15 juin 2014

Why What

I haven't written in a very long time. For many reasons... I still can't figure out what the real purpose of that blog (share, teach, complain, all of it?), I didn't have Internet for a while, I think I was happy for a time (I don't write so much when I am).

I'm thinking about boyfriends. I had few. It always ended the same way. I loved them still but they anoyed me at last. The thing is I'm really a hard piece of work. I get bored easily... but it no one's fault, just mine.
Sometimes, like tonight, I'd like to stop looking backward. I know that if I left them it means that it was the right decision back then. I should stop wondering what my life could have been if we were still together.

I am like the poppy flower. I grow where I'm not expected and as soon as I'm pick I wither. I'm more enjoyable for everyone when I'm not anyone's. But here is the trouble. I must admit it sure is pleasant to be someone's sometimes. To hear, to fell, that we are loved.

Life is funny isn't? We can know about our limit, our character but still can't help ourself to react in the wrong way. I would never understand that.

I'm about to leave everything behind again and I can't stop myself. It's a deep strenght inside that pushes me. I left ones for UK. I left a second time for IE. I left a third time for FR. I will leave a forth time for Finland...

When should I be finally happy and satisfied?

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Monster a dit…

Being happy is the hardest thing in the world!